In order for the faculty of Carmel New Church School in Kitchener to successfully educate a child it is essential that there is a fundamental understanding between home and school. Without this understanding, the foundation for a child’s education is weakened and potential benefits compromised.

Kitchener_ChristianEducationAs New Church teachers, the faculty of Carmel New Church School believes that children are best served by an education that:

  • Is based on the Lord’s Word;
  • Openly leads towards faith in the Lord, love and respect for Him and for our neighbor, and a useful life based on that faith, love and respect;
  • Teaches secular subjects in the light of the Lord’s Word;
  • Involves the whole person (spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, emotional); and
  • Offers the opportunity of peer-fellowship and school activities experienced in a religiously supportive environment, directed by New Church teachers and parents.

As parents of a Carmel New Church School student, we understand that we can best support our child’s education by:

  • Providing and nurturing a Christian atmosphere in our home, which is the most vital influence in our child’s daily life;
  • Attending public services of worship regularly and by bringing the Lord to mind through conversation, prayer and other forms of home worship;
  • Co-operating with, and supporting administrators and teachers in maintaining spiritual, moral and civil order by respecting school personnel and policies and encouraging my child to do the same;
  • Communicating directly with school personnel in a thoughtful, Christian manner, especially when questions or concerns arise;
  • Taking an active role in ensuring that my child’s assigned homework is completed; and
  • Attending and participating in classroom and whole school events such as Parent-Teacher Conferences, Home and School Meetings, School Opening and Closing Ceremonies.


School Philosophy & Goals

At Carmel New Church School we endeavor to create a loving, peaceful place of learning; teaching students to become useful and caring people, in this life and in heaven.

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.  This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like it: You shall love your neighbour as yourself.  On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.”  Matthew 22:37-40

In operation since 1892, the Carmel New Church School offers a century of experience in a modern facility on a rural campus.

In harmony with parents, our Christian school educates children holistically, protecting their innocence and promoting their spiritual and academic growth. Our inclusive approach encourages children’s physical, emotional and social well-being. Customized programs inspire and support creativity and the development of unique talents as well as high academic achievement.

SPIRITUALLY, we model knowledge of and obedience to the Lord’s Word, love and respect for our Creator and all His gifts to us, including nature and one another. We strive to protect and promote the innocence of childhood.

“Innocence is a receptacle of all things of heaven and a willingness to be led by the Lord and not by oneself.”  Heaven & Hell 341

SOCIALLY, we demonstrate and expect charitable behaviour and mutual respect for all of God’s people. Within our school, we strive to create an orderly, disciplined, safe and nurturing learning environment according to the Lord’s Word. We believe that this creates the harmonious community in which children can learn, play and form true and good friendships.

“A society is nothing but a harmony of many, for no one has any life separate from the life of others… no man, no matter who and what he may be, can live, unless in like manner he is conjoined with heaven through the angels who are with him… For every man while living in the body is in some society of spirits and of angels, though entirely unaware of it.”  Arcana Coelestia 687

ACADEMICALLY, we teach from a New Church perspective, helping students see how their learning can be put to use to serve the Lord and their neighbour.

“Man was created for use because use is the containant of good and truth… By study and business is meant every application to uses.”  Conjugial Love 249

PHYSICALLY, we encourage healthy bodies and minds; teaching children that a healthy lifestyle creates the necessary foundation for learning and a productive life.

“Everyone ought to ensure that his body is properly fed and clothed. He must do this first, yet to the end that there may be a healthy mind in a healthy body. And everyone ought to make sure that his mind is properly fed, that is to say, with such things as are matters of intelligence and wisdom, to the end that it may therefore be in a condition to serve the Lord.” Arcana Coelestia 6936

EMOTIONALLY, we support children in acquiring genuine self-esteem by helping them develop confidence in their capability to succeed.  We do this by expecting and encouraging effort, responsibility and accountability in all areas of school life.

“Every smallest moment of man’s life involves a series of consequences extending to eternity, each moment being as a new beginning to those which follow.”       Arcana Coelestia 3854.2