The school day begins at 8:20 a.m. for all students. Kindergarten students enrolled only in the morning portion of the program are dismissed at 12:00 p.m. All other students are dismissed at 3:00 p.m. Regular and punctual attendance is expected.

Please do your best to have your children arrive on time. Classes start promptly and it can be disruptive to have students entering late. It can also be challenging for students when they start the day by rushing to catch up. If you know you are running late, please inform the school with a phone call. Students who arrive late may need to make up work missed either during the school day or for homework, at the teacher’s discretion.

If your child will not be present:

  • Due to illness – Please call or inform the school in person before the start of the school day.
  • Due to medical/dental appointments – Please advise the school at least one day in advance. Please try as much as you can to arrange these appointments outside of school hours.
  • Due to vacation– If it is necessary to take a child out of school, please give a minimum of one week’s advance notice.

To ensure the safety of all students the school will phone the parents of a child who is not present by ten minutes after they are considered late and for whom no notification of absence has been received from a parent. We will try all parent contact phone numbers and leave voice messages if there is no answer. Please know that we cannot accept the student’s word about an upcoming absence or the absence of a sibling or other child. Students will not be excused during the day without prior parent notification.

All students need to be in good health to attend school. A child who is ill generally cannot function in school and puts the other children at risk of contracting the illness as well. Please keep children home when they are ill. If a child becomes ill while at school, we will contact his/her parents with the expectation that you will make arrangements for him/her to leave school as soon as possible. As advised by the Waterloo Region Health Department, we expect that no child will return to school until they have been without a temperature for more than 24 hours.

When questions or issues arise concerning health issues we will follow the advice of the local authorities. If a child is unable to participate fully in all activities, we may require a note from a qualified medical practitioner.

If school is cancelled due to severe weather, you will receive a phone call by 7:30 a.m. and the information will be available here and broadcast on CHYM radio at 96.7.

In the event of severe weather conditions developing during the school day, students will not be dismissed early until arrangements have been made with a parent/guardian/caregiver.

Homework is a valuable and necessary part of a student’s education. The main purposes for assigning homework at CNCS are to:

  • Review and reinforce material taught during class including memorizing the weekly recitation;
  • Provide greater opportunities for activities like oral reading;
  • Build personal study skills and habits that are important later in school and in life;
  • Increase a student’s ownership and sense of accomplishment about their education.

Over the course of a week, homework (Grades 1-8) should average about 10 minutes per night, multiplied by the student’s grade. For example: 10 minutes in Grade 1, 20 in Grade 2, etc… If a student is absent or does not use class time productively, he or she may accumulate homework above this average amount. If your child is consistently spending more than the average time to complete homework, please speak to his or her teacher.

Younger students usually require at least some parental guidance to encourage them to do their homework and manage their time. However, for the most part, homework is designed for students to be able to complete independently. The exceptions to this are oral reading and items that require memorization such as recitation and material for some tests. If you find that your child requires more assistance than this, please contact the teacher.

Many subjects require the use of textbooks, workbooks and other learning resources.  These are purchased by the school and issued to the children for their use.  It is expected that each child will care for these resources responsibly and that parents will fully support them in that endeavour.  If a resource is lost, vandalized or returned having suffered more than normal wear and tear, parents will be responsible for the cost of replacement.  (Textbooks can run up to $75 or more and even a consumable workbook might be $10 or $20.)

Carmel New Church School encourages all students to do their best in all areas of school life. We also know that each student has been given a unique set of talents by the Lord. One way we recognize students for their achievements over the course of the year is by giving awards and accolades at the end of the school year.

The successful completion of the Grade Eight program is celebrated with a Graduation Ceremony.