At Carmel New Church School, we believe in open and easy communication between the school and parents. Find out more about communication at Carmel New Church School, including our Monday Memo, how to contact your child’s teacher and more.

The Monday Memo, a weekly update from the principal, will be sent home to each family in order to keep parents up-to-date with what is happening in the school.  Homeroom teachers will also communicate regularly and keep parents informed about upcoming events in the classroom.   In most cases parents can choose to receive communications in print or electronically.

Parents are encouraged to communicate regularly with the school.  In almost all cases, the classroom teacher should be the first point of contact in addressing student concerns.  If the communication with the teacher is not satisfactory, then the principal should be contacted.

Teachers can be contacted by phone, at the school, between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  If a teacher is unavailable at the time of your call, please leave a message with the secretary; the teacher or the principal will return your call.  Please do not contact teachers outside of regular school hours or discuss student concerns if you are in a community social setting with the teacher.

Teachers are not required to correspond electronically.  However, a teacher may choose to arrange communication with parents via e-mail, using the teacher’s school email address.  Please note that this communication is viewed by school administrators and is generally not the best method for information that is time sensitive.


The school year is divided into three terms.  At the halfway point of the first and second terms, homeroom teachers meet with the parents of each child in the class.  Appointments are arranged after school.  This mid-term meeting provides parents with an opportunity to hear how their child is progressing and to share any thoughts or concerns with the teacher.  Shortly after the end of each term, every child receives a written report card stating their progress.  These reports are addressed to parents and discretion may be needed in sharing the contents with your child.  If, at that time, parents wish to meet with teachers, they may request a conference.

Home and School events are scheduled two or three times a year in the evening.  Events vary in format.  They are an opportunity to show support for the school, be involved in what is going on, and contribute your ideas and opinions.  All parents are strongly encouraged to attend.  If you are unable to attend a scheduled event, please advise the school in advance.

The School Committee is a standing committee of the Carmel New Church Board, elected by the membership of the Carmel New Church.  Its main functions are to handle some of the official school business for the board, support and counsel the school administration, and provide a means of communication between parents and the school.

Carmel New Church School is operated by Carmel New Church and, therefore, the board of directors.